What Does Christian Life Inside A Fraternity Look Like?

Untitled designI realize many of you might be unclear about what I do with the majority of my time. I work for Greek InterVaristy, a non profit ministry that works on secular college campuses, and we create and fan the flame for student led ministry inside fraternities and sororities.

I moved to Los Angeles two years ago to start this ministry on the 17 campuses that have Greek Systems in Greater Los Angeles. There was no ministry with InterVarsity that reached Greeks so this has been a total start up job. I love it.

Since I became a believer in Jesus during my freshman year of college, I realize the importance of reaching students right where they are on campus. It’s why I am so passionate about starting and coaching ministry that reaches into such a crazy environment like a fraternity house. Seeking people are there if we will engage them on their turf!

Here is a fantastic video interview from one of our students, Evan, as he shares about why he joined a fraternity. He brings you into the challenges he faces, and how he is going about reaching out to the brothers in his chapter.

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