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Beyond Awkward Videos

In this  FREE video series I help you move beyond the awkward tensions that arise in sharing your faith. Based off of my book, Beyond Awkwardthese videos help you find the curiosity pulse of your friends and discern how to be bold but not pushy.

What does it look like to be relational, yet bold, in sharing our faith in Christ?

You can watch the first video here.

How To Overcome Awkwardness in-2

In the first video I tackle the #1 barrier in evangelism and help you see how to move through it.

I also share with you three incredible stories of people coming to Christ and I hope they really build your faith that the people around you can come to know, fall in love with, and follow Jesus too!

That is just video one. Video two and three go even deeper!

  • Video 2: How to be bold but not pushy in evangelism
  • Video 3: Case study (interview) about sharing faith in the workplace.

I love helping people share Jesus right where they are and I really pray these videos help you do just that.

Your friend in the mission,


P.S. Please share this video with your friends and encourage them into bolder evangelism as well.

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