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I love helping people connect to Jesus through talks that reveal who God is in clear and compelling ways. I also love inspiring believers to share their faith boldly in relational ways with people that they are around every day. These are the two primary kinds of talks I give.

Beyond Awkward Evangelism Training

The most requested training is the one that inspired my book:

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How to turn casual conversations into eternal encounters

  • Scripture study of Acts 8: Philip & Ethiopian
  • 5 principles in every relational spiritual conversation
  • How to turn a casual conversation to Jesus
  • Once the conversation is about Jesus, what do you say?

Often times I will preach on a Sunday morning at church and then train in a seminar after the service to give more practical understanding about how to lead people to faith in Jesus.

Training people in the "Beyond Awkward" material.

Training people in the “Beyond Awkward” material.

Obviously training and preaching are very different as training helps you learn a skill and execute something.

Here is a PDF of my Beyond Awkward training that you can show your team with ideas of how you can use me for 1-3 hours of training, say a Saturday morning, or for 1-2 days, say a weekend conference.

"Beau's sharp and insightful, and teaches with a conviction that's born from his study of Scripture but also a practicality that's tested through experience. He's great at helping your community take the next steps to have the kinds of conversations that will matter."
James Choung,
National Director of Evangelism - InterVarsity

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Connecting to Jesus Where You Are

Frequently I am asked to give talks to crowds of people that are seeking God and need help taking a step closer to Jesus. Since I grew up not believing in Christ, I understand well how to connect with this type of person. I also regularly speak to groups that want me to make calls to faith and ask people to respond to Jesus in the service. I am more than comfortable doing that if you want to invite me to a harvest event.

“Beau has always been one of my favorite speakers. So inspiring, energetic, and pumped about God!!! He helped me connect to Jesus as a Freshman in College”
Jessica Song,
College Student

Most requested talks on connecting to Jesus

You can listen to some of these talks here

  • Does God give us signs to help us believe?
    Matthew 1: the Magi see the star [Listen]
  • How does God reveal himself to us?
    John 2: Water into wine
  • How do I find my way back to God?
    Luke 15: Prodigal sons [Listen]
  • Can you give it up?
    Matt: 19: Rich Young Ruler

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Sharing Jesus Right Where You Are

Frequently I am asked to speak to groups to embolden them to share their faith and the gospel with seeking friends and family. I love inspiring people to share the gospel and I have many stories of doing so myself.

“Beau’s evangelism training changed the way I viewed evangelism and the great commission. I was always afraid of the “E” word until Beau came along.”
Rosa Tejada,
San Diego Business Woman

Most requested talks helping people share Jesus

You can listen to some of these talks here

  • Sharing our Faith is Beyond Awkward
    Acts 8: Philip & Ethiopian –
    Based off my book “Beyond Awkward” [Listen]
  • Will you compel them to come in?
    Luke 14: Great Banquet
  • One is waiting for you.
    Luke 15: Lost sheep

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As a pastor and partner hoping our church family as a whole would become active duty witnesses in their circles of influence, I have found Beau Crosetto to be a valuable ally. Beau is not only a practicing evangelist, but a true activator of ordinary Christians in our holy mission. If you are looking for a guide and encourager, an equipper and provoker, Beau is your guy. 
Dan Weyerhaeuser,
Senior Pastor, Lakeland Church