Revival Leadership (Ezekiel 37)

“Many of us want to be STARS but God is looking for a SPARK”

Last night I had the privilege of sharing a few principles out of Ezekiel 37 on “Revival Leadership”.

I also told the story of how I saw a mini revival break out in San Diego and how God called us deeper into the difficulty before breakthrough came.

  1. Revival Leaders Allow God To Open Their Eyes To SEE Death
  2. Revival Leaders Allow God To Open Their Mouth To SPEAK Life
  3. Revival Leaders TRUST In The Death & Resurrection of Jesus.

I preached this message while it was pouring rain in LA in the middle of July. It hasn’t rained like this in 130 years! In the same way that none in the church had seen rain in July, most haven’t seen a revival either. But just as the rain surprisingly came, so can a revival.

Please share this message with other leaders that want to see God revive dead areas. I believe this is a timely word and it will inspire you to keep pressing into dead areas and speaking life while you trust in the living God to show up!

If you would like a copy of my written talk, you can grab it here.

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