How To Read The Bible: 3 Tips For New Christians

It has been an exciting year because many fraternity and sorority students have decided to start following Jesus here in Greater Los Angeles. Here is a fun story of a few.

Because of this, I have had more conversations this year than any year I can remember about how to read the Bible, and pray, and hear from God. It feels so complicated when you are first starting out.

And, of course this makes perfect sense! How would someone know how to pick up this crazy book and know how to comprehend it!?

Here are a few simple tips for daily Bible reading:

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These fraternity and sorority students from USC just got their very first Bibles and they are pretty excited!

Never Too Late To Buy Your First Bible

God is doing something really exciting at the University of Southern California (USC) right now.

This year, I have had the privilege of watching God awaken handfuls of fraternity and sorority students to his presence for the first time.

Just a few weeks ago I had a group of them over for dinner and to help me with the kids while Kristina was gone. As we were sitting in my man cave later that night, we realized none of the people in the room came to college following Jesus. In fact, one of them decided to start following Jesus earlier that day! It was an amazing realization.

I declared in that moment, “We need to go Bible shopping!” and everyone was so excited about the possibility of having his or her own.

Wow, what a drastic difference than the usual Friday night on Greek Row.

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Evangelism or Social Justice?

Sorry I have not been writing lately. I have been up to so many things on campus reaching Greeks (fraternity & sorority) students with the gospel. One of the tensions I am wrestling with as an evangelist and ministry leader is how does evangelism and social justice go together? For so many of us it becomes an “either or” and that is not good enough.

Here is how I am embracing the tension in my neck of the woods.

Row To Row

In our effort to do both great evangelism and pursue social justice, we believe God spoke to us the idea of “Row to Row”. There are two very distinct “Rows” in Los Angeles and they are only miles apart – Greek Row (which is extremely privileged) and Skid Row (which is the largest concentrated place of homelessness in America). We believe God was calling us to be the match maker and to get these two communities knowing each other and working together for transformation in both directions. (Read more)

The USC students have embraced this challenge and have been serving down at the Union Rescue Mission every Friday afternoon. Just this last Saturday they put on an awesome Christmas party for the families.

Row To Row is about connecting people of great privilege (Greek Row) with those of little privilege (Skid Row) so real and transformative relationships can develop.

Greek IV Map Final Print

Would You Pray With Me?

Would love your prayer for the ministry I am leading here in Los Angeles.

It is all explained inside this email update.

But in short, I moved to Los Angeles three years ago to start ministry to Fraternity and Sorority students with InterVarsity. There are 17 campuses that have Greek Systems in Greater Los Angeles, but Intervarsity was reaching none. So, I was charged to come up with strategy to spread the gospel into the Greek Systems across the 17 campuses.

Right now 6 campuses are sprouting up at once and I feel an urgency to pray and fast. Maybe you would join me?