Last Day To Get 4 FREE Bonuses

Today is the last day to get the 4 FREE bonuses that I am offering anyone that buys my book this week.

This opportunity will close at midnight tonight. I am giving away four resources that I think will bless any ministry leader greatly. These resources in themselves are worth more than the price of the book.

4 Free Bonuses

  1. Ebook: Breakthrough Evangelism
    1. This ebook is my journey through engaging the tensions that come up in evangelism when sharing your faith with people who are REGULARLY in your life (family, close friends, etc). I have found that 4, often times competeting, tensions are in play but morst of us are only embracing one or two. And then we wonder why the relationship blows up or falls flat and the don’t come to Christ. I show you in this Ebook what the four tensions are and how to embrace them all at the same time.
  2. Training: Beyond Awkward
    1. These are my notes for my seminar I have been leading for 8 years on turning causal conversations into eternal encounters. I just led it for 70 people at Exponential West this week. You can have my notes so you can lead this seminar in your church or group too.
  3. Bible Study Notes: Acts 8
    1. These are my Bible study notes on Acts 8 where Philip leads the Ethiopian to faith. I teach this scripture study in the Beyond Awkward seminar as well, but they are also stand alone. You can have my observations from the text, my tension cutting questions, my charts, and opening exercise that sets up the whole discussion.
  4. Case Study: From Jaded to Bold
    1. I did an extensive interview with a man who was completely jaded on evangelism and didn’t want to do it any more. But through meeting him, discipling him in our ministry, he has become a bold and on fire witness for Jesus. The transformation is incredible. It is one I think you and the people in your church can have too! You can read his thoughts on how God changed him and how he goes about sharing his faith in a winsome way now.

Friends, I have put hours and hours into this ebook, training material, bible study preparation, and interview. I am going to give it all to you for FREE this week. It is worth so much more than the price of the book.

I really hope you take advantage of the offer – you only have a few hours left.

Buy the book and see the bonus information here.

*buy the book at any retailer and send an email with receipt to to receive the bonuses

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