Beyond Awkward

Simply put, Jesus is awkward for most of us. He’s like that uncle who is really funny inside the family circle, but truthfully you would rather not take him anywhere. You know Jesus is great news. He is changing your life, he is giving you purpose and he has saved your soul. So how can you move out of your comfort zone and beyond the awkwardness to share the life-transforming power of God with others?I have spent years working with college students and churchgoers to help them break through to people in their everyday lives. In this book I will move you not only beyond the awkward feelings but through them so you can confidently take hold of evangelistic opportunities you encounter everywhere you go.

Listen to a recent talk I gave on moving beyond awkward.

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Release The APE

Have we caged the apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic leaders in our churches? I think we have and in doing so we’ve stunted the growth of the Church and our disciple-making mission. This eBook offers a 101 understanding of this problem and how to practically release these leaders. Written as a compilation of articles from the website by over 12 different authors, Release the APE focuses exclusively on the APE functions with the goal of increasingly seeing the full complement of Christ’s five-fold gifts (apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, shepherds, teachers) operating in harmony. Download Free eBook


Discipling Skeptics and Seekers

If we are serious about the Great Commission and making disciples, then we need to be serious about evangelism because evangelism is the discipleship of skeptics and seekers of Jesus.In this FREE eBook, James Choung and I help leaders understand two things: 1) Why every believer needs to be doing evangelism and leading people to faith; and 2) How you can create a culture of witness in your church or faith community. For too long we were pressuring people, and now we have become passive in evangelism. James and I say the time is now to seek a third and better way! Download Free eBook