These fraternity and sorority students from USC just got their very first Bibles and they are pretty excited!

Never Too Late To Buy Your First Bible

God is doing something really exciting at the University of Southern California (USC) right now.

This year, I have had the privilege of watching God awaken handfuls of fraternity and sorority students to his presence for the first time.

Just a few weeks ago I had a group of them over for dinner and to help me with the kids while Kristina was gone. As we were sitting in my man cave later that night, we realized none of the people in the room came to college following Jesus. In fact, one of them decided to start following Jesus earlier that day! It was an amazing realization.

I declared in that moment, “We need to go Bible shopping!” and everyone was so excited about the possibility of having his or her own.

Wow, what a drastic difference than the usual Friday night on Greek Row.

I sent this message to our GroupMe account just the other day:

“Most students go to college thinking they’re going to buy a new bong before they’d be buying a Bible! I did. Lol”

One of the students told me she sent it to her dad because she thought it was so ironic.

While not all three of these students pictured above, who have started following Jesus this year, are literally trading in bongs for Bibles, they are trading in significant cultural pressures to get serious with Jesus. Cultural pressures they originally thought they would be leaning into not turning away from.

Greek culture is no joke. While there are many fun and positive things about Greek life, there are also a number of vices that destroy the lives of college students every year (hook up culture, distorted view of body image, drug use/addiction, sexual objectification…just to name a few). This is the group of people we are ministering to, and while not every Greek you meet is struggling with the same things, they are all victims or oppressors of these vices.

So the idea of starting to follow Jesus, and then to get your own Bible (and big one at that), is no small feat. It definitely cuts against the cultural grain of the system.

IMG_0864Pictured above from L-R is Taryn (Theta), Trevor (TKE) and Elizabeth (Theta). None of them came to college this year expecting to follow Jesus. They definitely didn’t think they would be buying their very own Bible. But today after church I took them, and we had a blast picking out just the right one! Here is what they had to say as we talked over In-N-Out Burgers:

Taryn: “God was never real to me. I went to church a few times but it never permeated my life. But this year Jesus has revealed himself to me and it has become very real. I’m excited to have my own Bible now to read and study and to get closer to God.”

Elizabeth: “I would have never thought I would be doing this! I came to school last Fall thinking I had a lot of this figured out. I was the “wise” one in my circle – so I thought. I’m excited to have my own bible to study deeper on my own and make it personal beyond social learning circles.”

Trevor: “Traded in weed for the Vine, and I’ve never been so high. But seriously, I am super excited about taking another step in my faith in owning my first personal bible! I can’t wait to see how God plans to use me for His Kingdom! God is Good! Fight on!”

Continue to pray for these students, and many more who have started following Jesus this year. Continue to pray for the ministry of Greek InterVarsity as we minister to fraternity and sorority students all over America!

**If you are in the Los Angeles area, and want to get involved with our 17 Greek System mission (we are working to start Greek ministries inside all 17 Greek Systems in Greater Los Angeles), please email me here.

We have a Tuesday night Bible Study for Greeks at USC and every Friday we go to Skid Row to play with homeless children as part of our “Row to Row” ministry where we connect Greek Row and Skid Row. Here is our video of the Christmas Party we through last December on Skid Row.

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