If you need my headshot or short bio you can grab that here.

Originally from the Seattle area, I did not grow up a Christian. But soon after setting foot onto the college campus in San Diego, God caught my attention through a student in the weight room. I had a golf scholarship to the University of San Diego, and it was during a work out that I saw a person wearing a Young Life shirt. When I approached him about the group he said that it was a “coincidence” he was wearing the shirt – it was not his but his roommates and he just put it on because all his were dirty! So instead he invited me to InterVarsity on campus and then to the Rock Church in San Diego.

It was during my freshman year of college, 2001, that Jesus became crystal clear to me and I understood what it meant to repent of my sins, and follow him into life. Ever since the fall of freshman year I have been on fire for Christ and a passion to share the gospel has been unleashed.

As I graduated college I was discerning between the business world and ministry with InterVarsity. After God clearly called me to the college campus through a conversation at a networking event with Young Presidents Organization (YPO) in Seattle, I have not looked back since. (ask me about the crazy story)

I have been with InterVarsity for the last 11years, first at San Diego State for 7 years and now in Los Angeles planting ministry among Greeks on 17 campuses.

I love starting new things for God in difficult places. I love helping people connect to and share Jesus right where they are. I see it as my calling to do those things.

I also have published a book on evangelism, Beyond Awkward and I frequently train churches and groups to move beyond the fear that grips us by the throat when it comes to talking about Jesus.

My wife Kristina is also a powerful minister and she works with Greek InterVarsity too. We have three kids: Noah (6), Sophia (4) and Wesley (1.5).

Lastly, I am a die-hard Seahawks fan and if you want to be my friend talk to me about them!