I am Beau Crosetto. I love helping people connect to and share Jesus right where they are!

I didn’t grow up as a Christian or in a Christian family and it wasn’t until college that I started following Jesus. So, I have the unique vantage point of knowing what it is like being not a follower of Jesus as well as a close one now.

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I am also the author of “Beyond Awkward: When talking about Jesus is outside your comfort zone”. I love encouraging people share their faith in Jesus right where they are. I realize that most of the time the idea sharing your faith is uncomfortable and nerve-wracking. I can help you. Have me come train your group.

“Beau taught me the importance of risking it all for the sake of bringing other's to Christ.”
Serena Powrey,
Social Worker

I also love helping people connect to Jesus right where they are and that is why I work with Greek InterVarsity overseeing the work on 17 campuses in Greater Los Angeles. Fraternity and Sorority students are often times connecting with many things but God while in college and I work hard with my team to set up faith discussions inside the individual houses and chapters on campus so students can connect where they are to God (please message me if you are interested in connecting with, resourcing, or praying with Greek IV in LA).

“It was during your talk that God found me when I was lost. Thanks for helping me understand God’s love.”
Florence Beatriz R. Nayve,
College Student

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You can also find me regularly blogging at Release The APE as well.

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