A few years back while sitting in a café with a student trying my best to persuade him of the reality of Jesus and that He is in fact God, I became incredibly frustrated as he said to me, “Beau, I don’t care if this is true or not, I want to know if Jesus works?”

This comment both perplexed and opened up a whole new way for me to see how to reach people that are more “experienced based”.

If you would like to see what God showed me about reaching experience – based people, then read the rest of my post over on Linson Daniel’s blog. He was gracious enough to host me this week and help spread the word about my book being released and the 4 FREE bonuses I am offering just this week.

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Video Series: How to See Breakthrough In Evangelism

I am so excited to share with you today a FREE video series I have created to help you grow more boldly in evangelism so you can see the people around you come to Christ.

I took a day in August and filmed three videos to take you deeper into my teaching on evangelism. I focused in on three very specific questions and I really hope my answers help you find more courage and boldness to be the witness that God has created you to be.

You can watch the first video here.



Is God Calling You Onward?

It has been two years since I left San Diego for LA, and as I was reflecting, I came across a post I wrote two years ago at Release The APE. I hope you enjoy this and it encourages you as God calls you onward from things you love.

Because the fundamental core of an apostle is “sentness” there will be times in the life of this person that God calls them onward. It is in the very fabric of apostolic leaders to push forward the “sent” nature of the church, and often times that is modeled by them personally.

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Can You Lead Someone To Jesus?

My online friend Miguel raised an interesting question on FB:

And it got me thinking (as he usually does) about the tensions that this questions raises.

  • Do we have a role in leading others to faith in Jesus?
    • If so what is it?
  • Is it total arrogance to say something like that? Of course God saves people not us.
  • If it is all God’s role then why am I needed?
  • Maybe what bothers us has nothing to do with what is actually being said, but more to do with the type of people who say that kind of statement?

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4 Tools I Am Using To Disciple A New Believer

In case you missed it, my 52-year-old neighbor Ben came to faith on Sunday. I encourage you to read the story as I detail it in full.

But now I need to disciple him. He knows nothing of God and I am starting at complete scratch with him. I am primarily used to developing college students and 18-22 year olds think very differently and have a whole other set of problems and questions.

[Here is the tool I recommend for college students]

Because I am part of a neighborhood church plant, we don’t have corporate systems designed yet to disciple new believers. At least at this point we feel it is best to empower every believer to learn to disciple people through life on life and incarnational (being rooted & present) mission.

So after some prayer and consultation I landed on four really great resources that I think will work well.

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My Neighbor Surrendered His Life To Jesus Today: Full Story

Since the first time I pulled up to my drive way two years ago I have been in relationship with Ben. I love this guy so much. We play volleyball together and talk deeply on our way to the games. He has a very troubled past and has had no belief in God or religious experience. We have had many deep talks on those drives, but he has never followed through to meet with me outside those car rides to go deeper. I have been praying and praying and hoping and hoping for God to draw him close, and today it finally happened.

You can read about the first time Jesus came up in our conversation here. You can read an update to that first conversation here. This will give you perspective on a two year conversation and how his conversion has happened over time through God’s Spirit softening him, us doing life together, and me incarnating myself into his world. 

Here is the detailed story of how it happened and how our conversation went (I have his permission to share).

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